BritNed offers an Intraday product that enables customers to purchase explicit capacity with a delivery period between 1 and 24 hours. Our Intraday product gives customers an ability to react to market changes in Great Britain and The Netherlands close to real time. Additionally, intraday products can provide customers with a way to net off their day-ahead positions if they need to change their position.

Our Intraday auctions are facilitated on BritNed’s own auction and nomination platform, Empire.

When are they?

Auctions are held everyday for capacity delivery on the same day.

How do I nominate capacity?

Any Intraday capacity that is acquired in an auction can be nominated on Empire. If a customer does not nominate their transmission rights that they acquired in the auction, the right to use them will be lost after the closing of the relevant final intraday nomination gate. For an summary of the nomination gates, see our nominations overview.