What is it?

In 2019, BritNed commenced a long term trial to utilise our dynamic capacity.

BritNed has the ability to flow above 1000MW for a period of time, the purpose of this trial is to determine how much additional capacity we are able to offer, for how long and in which operating conditions.

One of the key variables in this trial is temperature, we need to monitor the performance of the assets in a range of seasons and operating conditions before we are able to make a definitive decision on the enduring use of our dynamic capacity. We are closely monitor our asset performance and may need to suspend or amend the trial at short notice. If we need to make any changes during the trial, we will publish further information here.

As part of this trial, we offer additional capacity into the Day Ahead auctions. Our standard Net Transfer Capacity (NTC) is 1016MW as this is stated at the Mid North Sea reference point. Any values above 1016MW indicates additional capacity made available as part of the dynamic rating trial with a maximum of 1076MW.

Please click here for the latest schedule and additional capacity.