To make sure you get to the right contact, we have listed the respective teams below.

BritNed Inquiries

09:00 – 17:00 CE(S)T (Monday to Friday)

Empire Helpdesk


Media/Press Inquiries

For queries in Great Britain, please contact the National Grid Media Centre:

+44 1926 656 536


For queries in The Netherlands, please contact
the TenneT Press Office:


Do you have a question?
We may have already answered it in our Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions about our Long Term, Day Ahead and Intraday auctions.


Find out more about collaterals, invoicing and VAT.


Frequently asked questions about BritNed, construction and outages.

Our Locations

We operate four sites across Great Britain and the Netherlands.

BritNed Headquarters

Our primary office is based in the TenneT TSO building in Arnhem

GB Converter

Our converter station in Great Britain is on the Isle of Grain and our primary control centre

NL Converter

Our converter station in The Netherlands is in Maasvlakte near the port of Rotterdam

GB Office

We have an office based in the National Grid Ventures building in Warwick

Need directions?

All of our sites require an appointment to visit. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.