What is a nomination?

Nominations are an instruction from a customer to BritNed, via RNP, that they will use their capacity for a particular delivery period. Following the closure of the respective nomination gate, BritNed will schedule the transport of electricity based on the nomination details.

What is the loss factor?

The physical flow on the interconnector is subject to losses. The loss factor is 3% from sending end (export) to receiving end (import). When considering losses from the Mid North Sea point, losses are 1.5% between the Mid North Sea reference point and either end of the interconnector.

How is the loss factor applied to nominations?

The loss factor will be reflected in the files that are sent to NGESO, Elexon and TenneT by BritNed. Customers will also need to reflect the loss factor in their E-Program submission to TenneT and the Energy Contract Volume Notification (ECVN) files sent Elexon. Below you can find an example of how the losses are calculated and how truncation is applied.

Nominations with Losses Example

How do I nominate?

On the Regional Nomination Platform you can enter your nominations. You can only nominate your transmission rights. You can read about this in the RNP User Guide for nominations, chapter 7.1.2.

Which files do I need to submit to confirm my nominations?

After your nominations have been confirmed in RNP:

NL side

BritNed will submit an E-program to TenneT. You will also need to submit an E-program to TenneT to confirm your position.

GB side

BritNed will submit a FPN file (Final Physical Notification) to NGESO and a DMV file to Elexon (RNP User Guide chapter 10.7 ). You will need to send an ECVN (Energy Contract Volume Notification) via the ECVAA to Elexon. BritNed is not to isn’t involved in the ECVN process.


I’ve not been able to successfully submit my e-Program to TenneT, what do I do?

If an E-Program is not submitted to TenneT prior to the Long Term and Day Ahead deadline (14:00 D-1) please get in touch with TenneT directly on +31 26 373 12 44.


When are the Long Term Nomination Gates?

The Long Term nomination gate opens on D-2 at 15:30 CE(S)T and closes on D-1 at 08:30 CE(S)T. An overview of all nomination gates is available in this diagram.

Can I withdraw a submitted nomination for Long Term Transmission Rights?

It is possible to amend / review nominations before the Long Term Nomination Gate closes.

It is not possible to withdraw a nomination for Long Term Transmission Rights once the nomination gate has closed.


When are the Day Ahead Nomination Gates?

The Day Ahead nomination gate opens on D-1 at 10:30 CE(S)T and closes on D-1 at 13:30 CE(S)T. An overview of all nomination gates is available in this diagram.


When are the Intraday Nomination Gates?

There are 24 nomination gates. An overview of all nomination gates is available in this diagram.

Can I un-nominate Intraday capacity?

There may be an option to withdraw a nomination capacity as long as the last gate before delivery has not passed. Consider the example below and use this nomination diagram to help:

• In Auction 1 (19:30-20:00 D-1) you buy 100MW GB-NL

• During Nomination Gate 1 you nominate 100MW for delivery at 01:00-02:00

• During Nomination Gate 2 you change your nomination to 80MW for delivery at 01:00-02:00

After Nomination Gate 2 you will be unable to change nomination positions for 01:00-02:00 as this is the last gate before delivery.