Empire testing for customers is available via:

Customer API Testing (From 13 July 2023)
Customer Acceptance Testing with Web Interface (from 07 August 2023)

Customer API Testing

The early access to Empire API testing was progressed following feedback from the Customer Transition Group. During this period customers can request a set of credentials for their organisation and begin testing of the API connection to Empire. All of the documentation detailing the API is available below.

There was also a session on 11 July 2023 to support the API testing, all of the documentation from that session is available below.

Customer Acceptance Testing

This was originally planned to commence on 14 August 2023 but we have been able to bring the start date forward to 07 August 2023 and make an extra week of testing available. During this phase, customer will be able to access Empire via the web interface and continue API testing.

Access to this environment will be based on the information provided during the organisation and user setup.

Empire Customer Testing Call

We held a session on 03 August 2023 with our system supplier to present further details about customer testing. The slides from this session are available below.

Customer Testing Slides

API Documentation

We are pleased to announce that the specification for the Empire REST API is now available on GitHub.

The common Open-API specification is contained in the root of the GitHub repository. You can also explore the API specification using the web-based API Navigator tool.

Usage of our API is subject to our Terms and Conditions which you can find in the repository and on our website.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

API Integration Session (11 July 2023)

Below you can find the materials presented at the session.