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Nomination Services

Nomination on Behalf of

The Netherlands

Nomination on behalf of (NoBo) is a service that is provided to our customers by a third-party service provider.

For a customer to nominate their transmission rights, they need to submit their energy trade position to TenneT, and for this, a customer will need to follow the registration process with them. Typically, this process can take a few months.

Alternatively, by using a service provider that is already a registered Balance Responsible Party with TenneT, it is possible for a customer to submit their energy trade position to TenneT via the third-party provider. This allows customers to commence trading activities quicker and can also be used an interim arrangement whilst completing the TenneT registration process.

PVNED is a recognised Nomination on Behalf of service provider.

Great Britain

We currently don't have a provider for this service in GB.

Can you offer nomination services?

We'd love to discuss what opportunities there are to offer nomination services in GB and NL to our customers.

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