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Day Ahead Capacity Auctions

Day Ahead Capacity Auctions

What are they?

BritNed offers a Day Ahead product that allows our customers to purchase explicit capacity with a delivery period between 1 and 24 hours. This auction is facilitated by the Electronic Capacity Allocation Tool (eCAT) platform hosted by the Joint Allocation Office (JAO).

When are they?

An auction is held everyday for capacity delivery on the next day, for example the auction held on Wednesday will be for delivery on Thursday. The auction will run on the eCAT platform.

Auction Schedules

How do I nominate capacity?

Any Day Ahead capacity that is acquired can be nominated on the Regional Nomination Platform (RNP). The allocated capacity rights are automatically transferred from eCAT to RNP where they can be nominated. If a customer does not nominate their transmission rights that they acquired in the auction, the right to use them will be lost after the closing of the final day ahead nomination gate. For a summary of the nomination gates, see our nominations overview.

Nominations Overview

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