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22 jan 2015

Water Voles on the Isle of Grain

BritNed works together with nature

Our site on the Isle of Grain is not just the UK converter station for the BritNed Interconnector to the Netherlands, it also provides habitat where a declining species can live happily, peacefully and free from danger.

Our commitment to the environment and ecological mitigation has resulted in BritNed being home to more water voles than ever expected– a total of 84 at the last count. This is because we have provided the perfect place for them to flourish - a U-shaped 560-metre ditch with vegetation and flowing water. 

Before we began construction we discovered a number of families of water voles and made every effort to look after them and ensure preservation of the species.

We took them to a sanctuary where they were looked after throughout the winter months, while construction was taking place and the new ditch was being prepared. The water voles were then welcomed back to their new and improved home, which gave a better environment and a lot more space.

To ensure that the ditch remains a suitable habitat and home for the water voles, we commissioned RPS Consultancy to undertake a survey after 3 years of operation.  The priority was to make sure the vegetation was as per our plan.

We are delighted that in 2014 we have seen the most number of water voles ever at the BritNed site on the Isle of Grain.

To find out more about our efforts to protect the water voles, please click here.

Water Vole Release