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Home News Unplanned Outage Update - Flow Test
7 feb 2021

Unplanned Outage Update - Flow Test

We experienced an unplanned outage on 8th December 2020 at 14:03 CET which we confirmed to be a cable fault.

The required repair works are now complete. Before returning to full commercial service, we will be conducting a flow test on 08th February 2021 between 04:00 and 14:00 CET. For the avoidance of doubt, the flow test will not release capacity into any auction for allocation.

Following this flow test, we will be reviewing the data to ensure that the asset is fully operational in preparation for a staged return to service on 10th February 2021 ahead of our full return to service on 11th February 2021. During this staged return to service, capacity will be made available in the Day Ahead and Intraday auctions for 10th February 2021.

We thank you for your continued cooperation during this outage and we will provide further information as it becomes available.

Start Time (CET)​ End Time (CET)​ Mid North Sea Flow (MW)​ Flow Direction​
4:00​ 5:00​ 200​ NL-GB​
5:00​ 6:00​ 200​ NL-GB​
6:00​ 7:00​ 200​ NL-GB​
7:00​ 8:00​ 200​ NL-GB​
8:00​ 9:00​ 400​ NL-GB​
9:00​ 10:00​ 400​ NL-GB​
10:00​ 11:00​ 600​ NL-GB​
11:00​ 12:00​ 800​ NL-GB​
12:00​ 13:00​ 800​ NL-GB​
13:00​ 14:00​ 1016​ NL-GB​