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20 jun 2018

SAP and RNP Transition Update

As a follow-up on the last BritNed Participants Forum which was held in London on 12th October 2017, we would like to update you on:

  1. The transition to the Single Allocation Platform (SAP) for BritNed
  2. The development and transition to the Regional Nomination Platform (RNP) for BritNed

Given the ongoing negotiations on a political level regarding the Brexit, we wish to update you on our current position and approach in relation to SAP and RNP.

To give our participants certainty over the coming months, we have decided that BritNed will not be transitioning to SAP and RNP as originally planned in Q3/4 2018.

Hence, we will continue to offer our Long-term Explicit capacity and the Intraday capacity via the Kingdom auction platform and the capacity nominations will also be facilitated as is the case now, via the Kingdom platform, until at least end of March 2019.

This decision will enable BritNed to evaluate closer to the Brexit date of March 2019, what the real impacts to BritNed and its participants maybe.

In the interim, we will continue to give our support to the SAP and RNP projects. BritNed will inform all participants as soon as further details on a possible transition or further Brexit consequences are known.

If you require any further clarification on the above, please do not hesitate to contact the BritNed Customer Account Team at