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25 nov 2019

New BritNed Intraday Schedule

Notification Under Access Rules

In accordance with the BritNed Access Rules, we hereby give notice that Intraday Schedule 2 will apply from 19:30 (CET) on 09 December 2019 for delivery day 10 December 2019. This will replace Intraday Schedule 1 which comprises 2 auctions and 6 nomination gates. The terminology of Intraday Schedule 1 and Intraday Schedule 2 is for alignment to the Access Rules only.

New Intraday Schedule

The first Intraday Auction using the new schedule will take place on 09 December 2019 at 19:30 (CET). The Intraday Auctions will take place on Kingdom, any allocated Intraday capacity needs to be nominated on the Regional Nomination Platform (RNP). The new Intraday schedule comprises 4 auctions and 24 nomination gates. Below is a table of the new timings for reference.

New Intraday Schedule.png