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27 jun 2018

Dynamic Rating Extended Trial

During April and May 2018, BritNed conducted a series of trials offering additional capacity in the daily implicit auction utilising our dynamic rating capability.

This dynamic rating capability allows BritNed to operate between 1000 and 1100 MW for a limited duration subject to operational parameters being met. In the past, this capability was used for short duration changes in capacity to facilitate frequency response support.

The trials aimed to establish how much additional capacity could be made available and for how long. Various capacity profiles between 50 and 75 MW for duration's between 6 and 15 hours per day were offered and the technical data has indicated that 60 MW of additional capacity could be offered for up 12 hours per day. This is an encouraging result but there is further work required to understand the longer-term impact on the asset if this capacity was offered regularly.

With this in mind, BritNed is going to conduct a trial for the remainder of 2018 to investigate the impact of a regularly offering an additional 60MW in the daily implicit auction. From 01 July 2018, this additional capacity will be offered for the following hours:

Start time (CEST) End time (CEST) Additional Capacity
01:00 05:00 60 MW
09:00 13:00 60 MW
18:00 22:00 60 MW

We will continue to closely monitor our asset performance during this period and may need to suspend or amend the trial at short notice. If we need to make any changes during the extended trial, we will publish a notice on our website.