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4 jul 2017

BritNed's Energy Saving Initiative

cooling fans.JPG

At BritNed we are committed to minimising our environmental impact. In order to achieve this we are working to identify energy saving opportunities to reduce the amount of energy we use throughout our operations.

During our recent planned outage, we replaced the cooling fans at the Maasvlakte Converter Station with more efficient fans. These new cooling fans have Electronically Commutated (EC) motors, a technology proven to be highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

This energy saving measure will allow us to lower our energy consumption by approximately 450,000 kWh per year and reduce our carbon footprint by 51 tons per year.

The new cooling fans also have additional benefits. They produce less sound, minimising the noise levels of the converter station on the surrounding area. The pre-existing cooling fans will be recycled.

Following installation of the new EC fans at Maasvlakte, Kevin Rendell, BritNed's Operations Director, commented: "I'm really pleased at how well the installation of the new fans has gone. The technology they use will result in a significant reduction in energy use and help to minimise our associated carbon footprint. Their design also means that they can be easily maintained or repaired without the need to take an outage which will maximise availability of the interconnector."

We have scheduled to replace the second and final batch of cooling fans during BritNeds forthcoming planned outage in September 2017.