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Why Change?

In 2019, following the implementation of the Network Code on Forward Capacity Allocation, BritNed moved all Long Term auctions to the eCAT platform hosted by the Joint Allocation Office (JAO) and following Brexit, the Day Ahead auction was also moved to eCAT. To support this migration, the Regional Nomination Platform (RNP) was also developed to manage nomination activities as this wasn't part of eCAT. BritNed also maintained the Kingdom system to run our intraday auctions.

In 2021, the Kingdom system was 10 years old and required replacement. BritNed evaluated a range of options and determined that a new platform to bring all BritNed related activities back to a single platform was the best option.

Empire will set our customers up for continued success with a range of new features, rock solid performance and a dedicated 24/7 Helpdesk.

System Comparison

System Comparison


2023 is a busy year with a range of Empire related activities taking place. The below timeline provides a high level overview of the key activities taking place.

More detailed timelines will be published for specific activities such as customer testing and go-live.

Empire Timeline

Find out more about Empire - our exciting new auction and nomination platform

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