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System Changes & Testing

Summary of Key Changes

  • Day Ahead (Explicit) auction will take place on the eCAT platform hosted by JAO
  • Day Ahead (Explicit) nominations will take place on the Regional Nomination Platform (RNP)
  • Testing of the Day Ahead (Explicit) will be available for eCAT and RNP.
    • Testing will take place 19 November - 04 December 2020
    • Schedule available at the bottom of the screen

Day Ahead (Explicit) Auctions on eCAT

Customers will need to be registered with the Joint Allocation Office (JAO) in order to participate in the BritNed Day Ahead Explicit auction. These auctions will be held on the eCAT system.

If you have any questions about how this auction will be accessed on eCAT, please contact the JAO Service Desk.

eCAT Testing (19 Nov - 04 Dec 2020)

Customers will have the possibility to place their bids and receive results using the eCAT platform or webservices. Details on the testing scenarios will be sent to registered participants by JAO closer to the testing period.


To register for the eCAT testing, please send an email to  by COB 11th November 2020 with your:

  • Company name,
  • EIC code,
  • EIC name; and
  • Name of each person(s) who will participate in the test.

Day Ahead (Explicit) Nominations on RNP

Customers that already have access to RNP will be able to see their Day Ahead Explicit rights within the system ready for nomination. Transmission rights acquired on eCAT will automatically be transferred to RNP for nomination.

RNP Testing (19 Nov - 04 Dec 2020)

Customers will have the possibility to test the nomination their Day Ahead rights in the RNP Train Environment ( and webservices. This testing will be for customers on the BritNed, IFA1, IFA2 and Nemo Link interconnectors.


There is no need to register for this testing but you must have:

  • RNP Train Environment access; and
  • acquired Day Ahead transmission rights in the JAO eCAT testing.

Day Ahead rights acquired in the JAO eCAT testing will be automatically transferred to the RNP Train Environment to test nominations. Further information on the testing scenarios including auction and nomination timings will be sent to registered market participants closer to the testing time.

User Certificates

If you have participated in the RNP Train User Certificates testing then you will need to use this certificate again for accessing RNP Train environment. You are advised to login to the RNP Train environment before 16th November to ensure your credentials and certificate (if applicable) still work.

If you have any questions, please contact the RNP Helpdesk.

Testing Scenarios (eCAT & RNP)

Please find below the auction and nomination timings for everyday starting from 19 November 2020 until 04 December 2020. Please note, timings reflect how they will be setup in the production environment.

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Testing Dates

Test Days v2