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Access Rules Changes

As a result of Brexit, a new set of Access Rules needed to be developed that would facilitate operation outside of the Internal Energy Market (IEM). BritNed drafted a set of Non-IEM Access Rules and these were approved in October 2019 by the National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) before the Brexit Transition Period had been announced.

In our preparation for the end of the Brexit Transition Period, we carried out a further review of the Non-IEM Access Rules and identified a number of improvements to make the document easier to read with a more logical layout. Below is a timeline of this review:

Consultation opened 04 August 2020
Access Rules Webinar 25 August 2020
Consultation closed 01 September 2020
Submitted to NRAs for a decision 14 September 2020
NRA decision expected by 15 December 2020
Access Rules come into force 01 January 2021

The Non-IEM Access Rules were approved by our NRAs on 18 December 2020. The version available to download is the approved version.