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BritNed Development Limited

BritNed Development Limited is a joint venture between transmission system operators TenneT and National Grid and operates the subsea electricity link between Great Britain and The Netherlands, commissioned in 2011.

Towards a single European market

The BritNed Interconnector is a significant link in the development of a European transmission grid to meet industrial and consumer demand. It plays a critical part in the European Union's strategy to achieve a common European energy market.

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Welcome to BritNed

Trade with BritNed

BritNed offers 1000MW of capacity across a range of explicit and implicit products that enable customers to trade electricity between Great Britain and the Netherlands. Getting registered is easy and our dedicated team is here to help you through the whole process. For more information contact us at or have a look through our documentation.


Long-term and Day Ahead explicit capacity is offered via the Single Allocation Platform hosted by the Joint Allocation Office, view the auction calendar here.

Intraday explicit capacity is offered via Kingdom, there are 4 auctions and 24 nomination gates for each delivery day, view the schedule here.

Long-term, Day Ahead and Intraday capacity is nominated via the Regional Nomination Platform.