Backup Power Purchase Contracts - EOI Closed

The Backup Power Purchase Contract Expression of Intent was issued on 28th November 2013, detailing BritNed’s intent to obtain a new contract(s) for the purchase of backup power in the GB and NL markets.

7 jan 2014

BritNed Backup Power Purchase Contracts

BritNed is looking to gauge market interest in the tender of an agreement or agreements to enable BritNed to purchase back-up power in Great Britain and/or the Netherlands.

29 nov 2013

Planned Bipole Outage

BritNed announces planned bipole outage in September 2013.

28 aug 2013

Planned bipole outage 25 June 2013

Planned bipole outage period scheduled for 25/06/2013 between 8:00-20:00 CEST. BritNed will be reducing Medium-term explicit capacity to 0MW for the period 8.00 – 20.00 CEST on the 25th June 2013.

24 jun 2013

Consultation on proposed changes to the BritNed Access Rules

Consultation on proposed changes to BritNed Access Rules

13 jun 2013

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