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Company Profile

BritNed owns and operates the first interconnector to carry electricity between Great Britain and The Netherlands, creating a stronger European energy market. We are a 50:50 joint venture between National Grid and TenneT Holding B.V.

Our customers buy capacity of up to 1000MW of electricity which can flow in either direction between the UK and Europe. We give them open access to this capacity through a combination of regular auctions – annually, quarterly, monthly, day-ahead and intraday.

We work hard to deliver portfolio of auction products to meet our customers’ needs and to provide an exceptional level of customer service.

In our longer term (Explicit) auctions, customers bid to secure the ability to flow power in either direction. Any unused capacity is made available in our day-ahead auctions (Implicit) through the power exchange. At this stage, both capacity to flow and the power are sold in one single transaction.

By providing more interconnectivity between European countries, BritNed helps the move to a single European market.  The interconnector links the generating capacity and the electricity demand of domestic and industrial consumers. Providing the ability to flow in either direction means the electricity transmission network can respond to the supply and demand needs of generators and customers.

We are also developing ancillary services within the European Market. These products can benefit the security of supply within Europe.

This subsea electricity interconnector is part of a major programme of investments by National Grid and TenneT to ensure a continuing security of supply and diversity of supply helping to facilitate low carbon generation.